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The airconditioner is special product - they are not as all the other electric appliances. If it is not selected rightly, it will be not freeze, not heat, will often spoil and no one he will not be willing it undertakes his maintainance or you him it exchanges.

The company for us provides in the customers all the visits and the studies that will need, without no economy or any other obligation. With the certainty of prestige, specialisation, know-how of our human potential and quality of products and our services, never and in no case we do not use pressing techniques of sale.

In cases where it needs are given immediately information and indicative prices, we dispatch fax on the same day, or you we even inform with a first estimate of cost, by phone.

Let’s provide a source of cool, fresh air in our houses, our offices and let’s make our lives warmer or cooler. It is important to feel we live in normal temperatures even if they are controlled by us.

Entrust the experts for the right installation and maintainance of instruments:
The secret of achieved market of airconditioner, is not only the choice make. Avoid buying system of air conditioning from any shop of electric types. Be first certified, that they will undertake the responsibility if exists some problem. Be addressed in our own specialised mechanical engineers, in order to you select together what precisely suits in your space. Calculate the cooling losses, they check the sufficiency of electric current, they indicate the place of internal unit in order to you have the better possible output, as well as exterior unit, in order to it is supported rightly and it is placed in the suitable place.

Entrust responsible cooling us, that will place rightly your new airconditioner, will sign the five years guarantee, him they maintain when it needs and is willing you they serve if is presented some technical problem.

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